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Hello… I am Dr. Asha Voss and I welcome you to EstrogenicA.

For the past 21 years, I have been building this new practice, one day at a time, one foot in front of the other.

Just as we all live our lives as women, suddenly one day the past and present meet and we realize we have gone through our own journey, from when we first got our period until we put a period on the end of that sentence and took a meno-pause.

This is where we all meet. At EstrogenicA.



Your sexual and reproductive health is at the root of your overall well-being.

Throughout life, women are affected by physical, emotional, and hormonal changes that can impact every aspect of your body.  

EstrogenicA Health 360 provides preventive, diagnostic, and gynecological care for you at every stage and age of life.

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Medical Aesthetics

Medical Aesthetics

At EstrogenicA Health 360 we know that women - wives, life partners, mothers, daughters, and sisters - are so busy taking care of all the people in their lives, they sometimes just don’t have the time or energy to take care of themselves. As part of our dedication to women’s overall health, we developed our extensive line of aesthetic services to provide all women with the care they deserve to live a healthy, beautiful life. 

Aesthetic treatments at EstrogenicA begin with an overall health consultation and evaluation after which you will be treated and cared for in a beautiful, sophisticated atmosphere by our highly trained medical providers, including our aesthetician, nurse, practitioners, and physicians. Our experienced professionals are highly trained to perform our wide range of services which includes laser treatments and vaginal rejuvenation, liposuction, IV fluid hydration therapy, Botox, and fillers, using advanced laser and medical technology for your comfort and health.


At EstrogenicA Health 360, we understand that bringing a new life into the world is not only one of the most cherished experiences in a woman’s life, it is also the most life-changing.

Exactly the reason our physicians, certified nurse midwives, and nurse practitioners provide a nurturing environment, attractive facilities, and empathetic care before, during, and after your pregnancy.  We also have midwives available to deliver babies at Flowers Hospital in Dothan, Alabama.

​Gynecologic Surgery​

Gynecologic Surgery

EstrogenicA is a leader in gynecologic surgery. Our highly trained surgeons perform advanced surgical techniques and counsel you as to what your best options may be for your procedure. After a thorough Health 360 examination, we work with you and our highly trained, integrated medical team to provide surgical procedures and ongoing counsel to help ensure optimal health at every stage of life. Pioneers in performing robotic gyn surgery in the region, our EstrogenicA surgeons provide you with sophisticated surgical platforms.

We maintain high standards in surgical techniques performing various types of hysterectomy, diagnostic and laparoscopic procedures, tubal ligation, endometrial ablation, and treatments for endometriosis.


Menopause is often called the “change of life.” At EstrogenicA, our goal is to help you BE the change you want to see.

By this time in your life, there is maturity and the ability to withstand many of the demands of menopause both physically and psychologically.

We focus on how to make this time one of hope and positivity: to celebrate the freedom that comes with age.

At this time most of your children may be reaching independence, your time can become your own, and with medical support, you may be able to finally own that time!

​Menopause Management​

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