Pregnancy & Childbirth

At EstrogenicA Health 360, we offer comprehensive, caring, and personalized obstetrical care for our patients. We will be there with you before, during, and after your pregnancy and childbirth. We can assist you while you are in your family planning stage, throughout your pregnancy, with your labor and delivery, as well as ensure you get the attentive postpartum care you deserve.

Family Planning

As you and your loved ones decide on what is best for you when it comes to growing your family, we can offer valuable assistance. Your OB-GYN provider at EstrogenicA Health 360 can help with your birth control or fertility treatments needs. We offer pregnancy testing and counseling. We can assess your reproductive health before conception and treat any issues or areas of concern. Are you worried about the possibility of certain hereditary conditions? We can answer your questions and run tests that can help alleviate your worries. We also offer preventive screenings, such as those offered during your well-woman exam along with other OB-GYN services. If you’re searching for excellent family planning services (and so much more), consider the all-female team at EstrogenicA Health 360, who can help ensure good maternal and fetal health.

Pregnancy Stages

We offer all the care you will need for you and your developing baby. This includes the full range of prenatal care, including 3D and 4D ultrasound imaging to monitor fetal health and provide a detailed image of your baby. We also can help with medication management and birth plan guidance.

The experienced OB-GYN professionals at EstrogenicA Health 360 can handle special needs, high-risk pregnancies, and the concerns of pregnancy in women 35 and older. The moment you think you may be pregnant, contact your EstrogenicA Health 360 OB-GYN provider to find out for sure – and plan your next steps.

A full-term pregnancy typically lasts between 37 and 42 weeks. It is divided into three time periods (called trimesters), each approximately 3 months in length.


The first trimester begins at conception and lasts through week 12. It is a critical period in your baby’s development. During the first trimester, your baby-to-be transitions from a fertilized egg in your womb to a fetus with moving limbs and working organs. This is why the first trimester is one of the most vulnerable times for fetal development, because it can be affected by exposure to toxins. Prenatal supplements can be crucial during this trimester.

You can expect to feel the effects of the enormous hormone changes taking place in your body. Signs and symptoms you may experience during the first trimester include nausea and vomiting (so-called “morning sickness”), breast tenderness, fatigue, constipation, and headaches.


Your symptoms may ease somewhat during the second trimester, which lasts from weeks 13 to 27. You may begin to show at this point, and your weight gain may accelerate.

During this trimester, your baby’s features begin to develop, and they will be able to hear and recognize your voice and other sounds, like your heartbeat. This generally occurs around week 18. By week 20, you may start to feel movement.

If you experience significant cramping in the legs, heartburn, or other symptoms during the second trimester, talk to your EstrogenicA Health 360 provider about appropriate remedies that are safe and effective.


The final trimester goes from week 28 until birth. An enormous amount of fetal growth occurs at this stage of pregnancy, as your baby becomes bigger and weighs more. Your baby may open their eyes at this stage, and kick or stretch. Your baby’s head will begin to position downward, as your body begins to prepare for childbirth. 

Labor & Delivery

You may be nervous as your delivery date gets nearer, but the labor and delivery process is natural, and there is nothing to fear. It is our goal to make the day your child is born a special and memorable one. Our obstetricians, midwives, and other team members are available to you and focused exclusively on you and your baby. The length of time you are in labor – when you are having regular contractions, which help to push your baby out of the womb – can be difficult to predict. However, we will provide the care you need throughout the process. We aim to follow your specific birth plan, whether that involves pain medication or anesthesia, a vaginal childbirth or Cesarean section.

Postpartum Care

After your child is born, everything changes – and, after 9 months, you thought all the changes you had to go through were over! Don’t fret, though, our care continues into the postpartum period.

We can help with breastfeeding, which is most definitely a learned skill.

Postpartum depression – also known as the “baby blues” – is also incredibly common, and we have tried and true methods to help you cope. It’s important that should you be feeling down after childbirth, it is not a reflection on you or your role as a mother. It’s a completely natural occurrence due to the dramatic hormone changes you’ve experienced.

Last, but certainly not least, our obstetrics team can help prepare you for the shift in family dynamics that can occur after childbirth, including how to help siblings adjust to life in the home with their new baby brother or sister.

Best Pregnancy & Childbirth Care in Dothan and Enterprise, AL

Are you pregnant or do you want to be? The caring, skilled, and knowledgeable all-female OB-GYN team at EstrogenicA Health 360 can help. We offer the full range of comprehensive pregnancy and childbirth care, and will be with you before, during, and after your pregnancy.